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 "Shiva Kriya" with Jogi Bishwanath

Awakening the Divine Within

Shiva Kriya
"The Shiva represents the pure consciousness that connects you with the ultimate divine."

Shiva Kriya is a powerful spiritual practice that harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit, guiding you towards profound inner peace and self-realization. Rooted in the ancient traditions of yoga, Shiva Kriya combines breathwork, meditation, physical postures, mantra chanting, and visualization to unlock your inner potential and elevate your consciousness.

Om with Shiva

What is Shiva Kriya❓

Shiva Kriya is a transformative yogic practice designed to cleanse and balance the entire being. It involves:

✅Breathwork (Pranayama): Techniques to control and enhance the flow of prana (life force), promoting mental clarity and emotional stability.
✅Meditation: Practices that cultivate mindfulness, deepen self-awareness, and connect you to your inner essence.
✅Physical Postures (Asanas): Movements that improve strength, flexibility, and overall health.
✅Mantra Chanting: Repetition of sacred sounds that elevate your vibrational frequency and focus the mind.
✅Guided Visualization: Techniques that help manifest positive intentions and bring clarity to your life's purpose.

Benefits of Shiva Kriya

Regular practice of Shiva Kriya offers numerous benefits, including:

✅Mental Clarity and Focus: Clear away mental distractions and enhance concentration.
✅Emotional Balance: Effectively manage stress and emotions, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.
✅Physical Health: Boost your physical vitality, flexibility, and overall wellness.
✅Spiritual Growth: Deepen your spiritual practice and connect more profoundly with your inner self.
✅Inner Peace: Achieve a state of tranquillity and calm, irrespective of external circumstances.

Shiva eye2

Our Offerings

Shiva Kriya provides a variety of programs and resources to support your spiritual journey:-

🌏Online Classes: Join our live virtual sessions from the comfort of your home. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each step of the practice.

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"Shiva Kriya" online workshop Individual:  

⚛️ Wear Comfortable Clothing: Loose, comfortable clothing will help you relax.
⚛️ Have a Cushion or Mat: Sit comfortably on a cushion, mat, or chair.
⚛️ Stay Hydrated: Have a glass of water nearby to stay hydrated.
⚛️ Minimize Distractions: Turn off notifications and let family or housemates know you need some quiet time.

⚛️ Workshops and Retreats: Participate in immersive experiences designed to deepen your understanding and practice of Shiva Kriya. These events offer an opportunity to retreat from daily life and focus on spiritual growth.

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Shiva picture 7

1-day program:​

The 1-day program, including vegetable food at the ashram, What to bring for a 1-day program?

Our place is in its early stages now with basic facilities, therefore, we recommend bringing:-

-Warm clothes and a cushion for sitting (we can also supply cushions)

-Water bottle or flask for hot drinks

-Snacks (a vegetarian meal will be provided for lunch)

-Journal and pen

-A stone or any symbolic item for consecration

Shiva picture8

3-days program:​

The  3-day program includes shared accommodation and vegetable food at the ashram.

What to bring for a 3-day program?

Our place is in its early stages now with basic facilities, therefore, we recommend bringing:

-Warm clothes

-Blanket and a cushion for sitting (we can also supply cushions)

-Water bottle or flask for hot drinks-Snacks (a vegetarian meal will be provided for lunch and dinner )

-Journal and pen-A stone or any symbolic item for consecration


Shiva Kriya practice at Home: 

 Get Started Today

Ready to embark on your journey towards inner transformation? Explore our offerings and find the right program for you. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Shiva Kriya has something to offer everyone.


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We are here to assist you with any questions or provide more information about our programs. Reach out to us today.

🌿Begin your journey with Shiva Kriya today and awaken the divine within you.🌿


Please feel free to contact Jogi Bishwanath if you would like to host the Shiva Kriya, make any event inquiries, or host an event at your location.

Thanks for registering.

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